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Repairs & Troubleshooting 24- Hour Service

Our Electrician’s have the experience and knowledge to locate any problems that you may be having 24 hours a day,  whether it be a circuit breaker tripping , a wiring problem, or a machine down.  We can find it and make any repairs that may be needed to get you back up and running!

Design Build

Design build is a process used to help the customer save time and money by working together with Orange Electrical in designing a plan for their specific needs. Our in house Engineering will design plans to optimize the customer’s budget and time by understanding their business and future goals. This gives the customer drawings that include a detailed price using valued Engineering, compliant with codes and jurisdiction requirements for now and into the future.  We can design a project from simple to highly complex electrical systems for commercial facilities, manufacturing plants, production lines and utility services.

Relocation & Expansions:

Orange Electrical can provide excellent service to help relocate your business or help with your new expansion. We understand what downtime can mean to any business so we can help the move go smoothly. We work with the customer to come up with the most feasible and cost saving plan for the move.

Tenant Improvement:

Orange Electrical will work with the customer to create a new space that fits their needs and future requirements. By understanding the customers business and how they want it  to grow allows Orange Electrical to create their new space but also can help to plan for the future of the company by adding new ideas . By planning for the future it can save the customer  time and money.

Adding new equipment, moving or changing a line:

Orange Electrical is able to help you with adding a new piece of equipment to an existing line or moving a line of equipment all together. Our knowledge of the power needed for each piece of equipment will help to make the addition or transition, move in a timely manner.

Parking Lot Base & Lighting work:

Orange Electrical specializes in new pole lighting. We have worked extensively installing new lighting and poles in parks, pathways and parking lots. Our in house team has the knowledge and equipment to install new bases and poles or remove old ones. By providing both the concrete work and electrical together saves the customer time and money.

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